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Mommy & Me Classes

Day:                 Wednesdays

Start Date:      Beginning the first Wednesday in October

Ages:               Toddlers* (18 months and up)

Time:               9:15–10:00 am OR 10:15–11:00 am

     Each class meeting will provide the opportunity to establish a cooperative learning experience between the toddler, the parent and the teacher, as well as to initiate important socialization skills in young children in a structured environment. By attending the classes with Mommy (or a guardian), the child will develop a sense of trust and security that will continue to develop with future independent learning situations.   

    Since the premise of the program is for learning to occur with the gentle help and guidance of the parent, it is essential that the parent be attentive to the child’s needs and offer assistance to the child throughout the session.

     Each session will include: Beginning Play Time

                                                     Circle / Song Time

                                                     Project Time

                                                     Snack / Story Time

                                                     Ending Play Time

     Your toddler will have fun learning with new friends and with you there to share and reinforce the positive experiences! If interested, please

Contact Us and you will be promptly provided with additional information about the program.  

Happy Heart Preschool and Kindergarten, LLC is a private school licensed by the PA Department of Education, Private Academic Services. Happy Heart Preschool and Kindergarten, LLC equally admits all students and equally acts in the administration of rights, programs, privileges and activities made available to all students, as well as in the administration of educational or other policies.

Linda Cuesta, Director

PA Nursery /Kindergarten

Teaching Certification

B.A. English

West Chester University

"A nurturing and safe environment for your child's first structured learning experiences"

1445B E Main Street

Douglassville, PA 19518


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